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Link to Osteen November 1, 2007

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Osteen and Meyer (indirectly) compared to macaroni and cheese

Dangerous Video October 30, 2007

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I’m referring to the first video in this link.

One reason why Christianity is so weak today. October 18, 2007

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A book review over the failures of evangelicalism during the past half century.

60 Minutes, Joel Osteen, and ESPN October 16, 2007

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I did not see the 60 Minutes piece on Osteen but heard about it here on ESPN Radio. (UPDATE: The date to look under is 10/15/2007. The theme: Appreciate Greatness.) WARNING! You have to register for a podcast to play this. Basically Cowherd was making a point about the critical spirit of American society. He asks why someone is critical of Osteen when he preaches a positive message that gets people “under the tent.” Cowherd does not claim to be religious and his question is legitimate. The answer can be found in the links below but the short answer is this: “A message that sounds positive but is not true is not a positive message but a lie.” 

The post is about Osteen, the links about related topics (HT: The Shepherd’s Scrapbook)

There are a lot of connecting links here mainly to detractors of Joel Osteen but one video link where he speaks for himself to Larry King. Thanks to the fellows who gathered these links.

Links to Michael Horton (he was interviewed on 60 Minutes about Osteen) articles. (HT: Pastor and People by Dustin Benge)

Osteen’s newest book reviewed and a segment of him on Larry King Live. (HT: Expository Thoughts by Paul Lamy)

A link to a political post with a Nigerian persecution link October 8, 2007

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I mentioned during our discussion tonight, the persecution I had read about in Nigeria. Here is a post with a link within describing the first reports of this persecution. Beware of course, that first reports are rarely totally accurate. I included the post that has the link because the blogger, Dan Ratliff Goldfinch has some good things to say, with which I happen to agree.

Interesting! September 30, 2007

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Links on Mother Theresa September 3, 2007

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Had intended to get the answers up to Revelation 10 but that will have to wait. Here are some interesting links that do not all agree with each other but have something worthwhile to say.

Rick Phillips (a take on Mother Theresa unlike any I’ve ever read)

Dr. Al Mohler (the problem of faith and doubt)

Pastor Ron Ethridge (a Scriptural approach to doubt) 

Fred Saunders (ten possible explanations for her sadness)

The Prosperity Gospel August 20, 2007

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Especially look at the various links at Ron’s Reflections on this subject. I found the video very powerful but you should read Ron Ethridge’s post or Piper’s sermon first.

I get angry when people pollute the gospel of Jesus Christ. I remember when we were in Germany working with Iranians, how that a certain religious figure would ask the asylum-seeking Iranians (who were dying to find a country that would take them) if the believed in Jesus. They never understood, if he even explained to them, the gospel. If they said, “Yes”, he would baptize them and they thought that they were Christians or at least thought that they could pass themselves off as Christians. We have the most wonderful message of hope and love and freedom from sin and this man failed to communicate it. In fact, he communicated “another gospel” that is not a gospel. A verbal confession or a prayer without understanding and faith in Christ is nothing but empty words! Well, I’ve ranted enough. Look at the video and read the posts and the sermon and evaluate the “prosperity gospel” for yourself.

Psalm 1 and 2 (the baptism links are thrown in for fun) August 11, 2007

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For those who have missed the last two Wednesday nights, here is a little something that you might enjoy. Randy McKinion discusses the connection between Psalm 1 and Psalm 2. Come on Wednesday night, we’re studying Psalm 3

Here is an interesting series of exchanges on believer’s baptism and church membership. (HT:  Justin Taylor and Adrian Warnock)




How important is it that members be baptized believers? How important is it that teachers in the church be members? Should baptism be a requirement for church membership? How do we define the fellowship of local church? The practical application of these and other questions are discussed in the exchange. (By the way, I tend to agree with Grudem.)

A testimony of a Virginia Tech victim July 30, 2007

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