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1. Arthur Talley Jr. - July 7, 2007
2. emmanuelgodwithus - August 6, 2007

I enjoyed your message today! We are preparing to go to Sarah’s tomorrow for a couple of days. Wed. is Virginia’s birthday. have a great week.
love, mama

3. roberttalley - August 6, 2007

Thanks for the note. I hope you saw the link to your article posted today.

4. Latrese - August 16, 2007

Robert, I have enjoyed your articles, and I have one question that is really burning within me. What are your views on ‘speaking in tongues’ and the ‘baptism of the Holy Spirit’? I know people who do this, but I never have. When I prayed ‘the prayer’ to receive this, nothing happened. Is this another false doctrine? If so, then what are the ‘tongues’ that these people I know are speaking?

Thanks in advance for your help. God bless!

5. roberttalley - August 16, 2007

I will try to post something along with some other resources within the next few days. Thanks for asking. It is a very important subject.

Here is the post. https://roberttalley.wordpress.com/2007/08/16/the-holy-spirit-is-a-popular-theme/

6. nancy Kerr - August 31, 2007

HI RObert,

I was wondering how I could get more information about John Longaker, and his workshop on REligious Cults.

Thanks so much!


7. mama - September 2, 2007

Good evening, I liked the rant. Yes, I saw you posted my “Mom’s on the go.” I do not know if the Decatur daily printed it but you and your daddy put it in print. Also Virginia Brown of the Melhorn Powell’s put it in the Powell news. I enjoyed reading the Powell news, even though I did not know any of them personally.
I like reading your sermons when I get a chance, some times life just gets too busy. I helped Carla take her stuff to Crissy’s today for a joint yard sell. We quit just before noon. The customers had thinned down and it was so hot…

8. Phil Edwards - September 13, 2007

I have been searching on the topic of eternal security, and whether there are any circumstances other than occasionally making isolated slips or mistakes, that can still keep us from heaven?

Thanks, Phil

9. roberttalley - September 14, 2007

Hello Phil!
I hope within the next day or so to post to your question. Stay tuned!

10. Jon Acuff - November 11, 2007

Thanks for mentioning my site http://www.prodigaljon.com on yours.

11. Pamala J Baker- La Rock - January 4, 2008

Dear Pastor Talley,

…I would also Like to ask for prayer for my surgery on 18th of Jan. 2008 to relieve the ulner inpingement to my left arm. If all goes well, with Gods help, I could regain the feelings in my left hand and arm with in 12 – 16 weeks.

12. Pamala J Baker- La Rock - January 4, 2008

Dear Paster Talley,

I also am torn with a problem at this time. I want to join the Evangelism Course with Crig Chambers starting this Sunday…My Health Problems, at this time may interfear with being at Church every week, so is Craig going to offer this course in the future?

13. Kaylee - January 20, 2008

Dear Mr. Talley,
I was just reading your sections about Revelation, and my class at church is discussing it. I was just wandering what you think about the significance of the trumpets, and why trumpets.

14. Vicky - February 26, 2009

Hi, the link to the Harvard thesis, does not work. Any way of rectifying that please?

Thanks, and may God bless your good works.


roberttalley - February 27, 2009

Unfortunately, that thesis has been moved and I do not know where it now is. I did make a note of this in the blogpost. My apologies for your inconvenience.

15. Linda Hannahs - April 22, 2011

Dear Pastor Talley, your blog is wonderful. I could not read all at one setting but did learn new insight into the word of God. It is so gratifying especially at this time in my life. I want to do God’s will for my life and I pray He will quide me in every asspect of it helping me to keep my focus and do His will. Thank you…for your service at Grace Bible. I want to continue to be “a servant” doing what God wants of me. Your faithful servant: Linda Hannahs

16. rebecca talley - September 21, 2011

just recently got your site back on my favorites. Changing computers and such, I had lost it and had not gotten it back, enjoyed the message on “ARE YOU CALLED” It had always bothered me when someone would say the only person you can be sure is saved is your self, this just did not seem right to me, even seemed confusing. So thanks or this message.
love, mama

17. ros edwards - May 8, 2012

Thank you. For the teaching on the sabbath- I have been trying to “keep” the sabbath and have been finding it so stressfull to rest! Your teaching has put it all into perspective- to honour the Lord of the Sabbath and honout Him on my day of Sabbath rest- your teaching on legaloism was eye opeing- not to ritise a brother or sister whose standard might be stricter than yours- wow! Thank you – I am releived to know that we are supposed to -each one of us- search for the way we honour the sabbath ourselves- I now have a “game plan” on how I can celebrate the sabbathh without condemnation – thanks- Ros Edwards- south africĂ 

18. Stephen Horning - November 15, 2012

Hi Robert, I am and have been a missionary, church planter and pastor in Southern Europe (Andorra) and South America for 37 years. Today I was looking into the book of Esther and I really enjoyed your angle on her and Mordecai, how they fit into God’s plan in history. God bless you!

19. Christopher Onwugamba - January 1, 2013

How can i get the lyrics of that song, “The Rest of My Life”?

roberttalley - January 1, 2013


I don’t have a book with the song in it. I wrote the lyrics from memory. The song book from which I remember it is named Select Church Songs. I’m not sure who the publisher is.


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