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Links to sermons from Deut. 13 and 18 and 1 John 4:1-6 August 3, 2007

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Not a sermon but a short paragraph to get you started on the importance of Scriptural doctrinal statements.


http://www.fpcjackson.org/resources/sermons/John%27s%20Epistles%201-2-3/05b.htm Sermon by Ligon Duncan

http://www.biblebb.com/files/edwards/je-marksofhs.htm by Jonathan Edwards

http://www.gracegems.org/Law2/d01.htm by Henry Law

http://www.pbc.org/library/files/html/0161.html by Ray Stedman

http://www.keepbelieving.com/sermons/read_sermon.asp?id=553 by Ray Pritchard

Three Different Types of Atheists and other links July 21, 2007

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On atheists…


Good first part post on “Is God the cause of sin?” (part 2 and 3 are already posted also but since I’m going on vacation, I’ll let you search his blog. That’ll give me time to pack).


Getting ready for Sunday morning’s sermon from 2 Peter 1 July 6, 2007

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This is not a sermon but a very good analysis of what this Sunday’s sermon from 2 Peter 1 is trying to accomplish. It is not our experiences or feelings but God’s Word that should guide our hearts to the light.


Here is Alistair Begg touching the same subject from a different angle.

Unashamed Workman links to Alistair Begg addressing ‘What Happened to Expository Preaching?’ (HT:  John Brand)

Links to Sermons based on 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (or its context) June 29, 2007

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This Sunday begins a two month series on the Word of God. We will begin with the classic verse on inspiration in 2 Timothy 3:16-17. There is some variety in the sermons below but I found them all good.

http://www.biblebb.com/files/whitefield/gw055.htm George Whitefield (on persecution)

http://www.biblebb.com/files/edwards/scripture.htm Jonathan Edwards

http://www.biblebb.com/files/ryle/inspiration.htm J. C. Ryle

http://www.desiringgod.org/ResourceLibrary/Sermons/ByScripture/9/10_Building_Our_Lives_on_the_Bible/ John Piper

http://www.desiringgod.org/ResourceLibrary/Sermons/ByScripture/9/1029_The_Place_of_Preaching_in_Worship/ John Piper

http://www.keepbelieving.com/sermons/read_sermon.asp?id=142 Ray Pritchard

Links to Sermons on Lot June 8, 2007

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I am preaching on Lot this Sunday. Perhaps you would like to see some other sermons about him.

http://www.biblebb.com/files/ryle/remember_lot.htm (J.C. Ryle)

http://www.pbc.org/library/files/html/3667.html (Ray Stedman)

http://www.keepbelieving.com/sermons/read_sermon.asp?id=311 (Ray Pritchard)

http://www.biblebb.com/files/edwards/sodom.htm (Jonathan Edwards)