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What are you celebrating? October 30, 2009

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I try to pretend for the most part that Halloween does not exist. Of course, the hardest day to do that is Halloween day itself. Fortunately, that event is also an important historical date. It is Reformation Day, the anniversary of Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses.

Here are ten facts about Luther that I am celebrating today.
1. Luther was almost 34 years of age (his birthday was November 10) when he posted his theses on the church door. He still had 28 years of ministry ahead of him.
2. His rediscovery and his formulation of salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone. If that was all he had done, he would be considered a great man.
3. His stand for loyalty to Scriptures. This is actually why he came to the point where he rejected the Church’s teaching of salvation by works and law and accepted the Bible’s teaching of salvation by Christ alone.
4. His boldness to stand against his opponents and for the truth of the Word of God. The “Here I stand…” statement is full of moral courage.
5. Wittenburg – It is a beautiful little town in which the university was seated that helped Luther propagate the truth.
6. The political leaders who protected Luther. I celebrate a God who can work political wills to his ways.
7. The influence of Luther on other reformers including Calvin, Zwingli, Menno Simons, etc.
8. That God could use such a flawed man to change the world for His glory. Luther’s flaws are well known but like David he was a man after God’s own heart.
9. The importance of the books of Psalms, Romans, and Galatians as seen through the transformation Luther underwent through his study and teaching of those books in the years before he posted the Ninety-Five Theses.
10. He is part of my historical and spiritual heritage. I am glad to identify myself with him (and that, though I am not and have never been Lutheran).

Excerpt from Steve and Becky Diems prayer letter August 21, 2007

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Dear Faithful Prayer Partners,

…William Carey, the father of modern missions, was explaining to John Newton the situation regarding his entrance into India without a special permit. John Newton repleid, “Then conclude that your God has nothing there for you to accomplish. But if He has, no power on earth can hinder you!” William Carey went through such trials in his life: many took place prior to hsi even leaving England. This excerpt came weii-timed in our deputation efforts. This once again forced me to put my plans on the altar and submit my life to God’s sovereignty….


  • A new van!
  • A new evangelistic Bible study started!
  • We are currently at 50% of our required motnhly support.
  • Good health.

Prayer requests:

  • That the Lord would raise up the support we need in New England.
  • Safety while traveling
  • Our walk with the Lord to be abiding and growing.
  • The sale of our home.
  • Boldness to share Christ.

General information about the Diems and Resistencia, Argentina

There blog with contact information is included at the above link. You may also reach their blog through the blogroll at Carpe Diem.

Why not use the comment section to write a prayer to the Lord for the Diems and the people in Resistencia, Argentina in need of the gospel?

While our Revelation Study is on hiatus August 7, 2007

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See last weeks post on Hierapolis to see something about the area of Laodicea. Below are two more links from an architectural student living in Istanbul. I was not aware of the finding of the gladiator cemetery last year.


Don’t feel like reading a post? At least look at this picture from a different area of Turkey. It has nothing to do with the seven churches of Revelation but could you imagine Paul traveling through this area on his way to preach the gospel in one of the cities of the region?


Lemuel Haynes, black pastor in West Rutland, Vermont July 12, 2007

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This book review has one of its subjects an Afro-American preacher, Lemuel Haynes, who pastored an all white congregation in West Rutland, Vermont. (For readers who do not know, that is about eight miles from our church.)


This from the writer of the book, Thabiti Anyabwile.


More on Lemuel Haynes