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Why Sports Talk Shows Condemn Tiger Woods December 9, 2009

Posted by roberttalley in Character, Family, Religion, Sports, Temptation.
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Adultery is sin. That is what the Bible says.

Adultery is wrong. That is what a couple of sports talk show hosts (one national, one local), to whom I have listened, say.

What really concerns me is their questioning the wisdom of marriage for someone like Tiger Woods or some other top-of-his-game-sports star. Perhaps they are just overstating their case.

We need, however, to take marriage seriously. It is a wonderful gift from God. It is the way God intended for us to live on this earth. It is the way God made us. Our sinful desires and ways keep us from experiencing marital bliss but our abuse and misuse of the gift does not cheapen the gift itself.

Our young people, especially Christian young people in our church, need to hear the other side of the story. They need to know that marriage is a good thing, a wonderful thing. They need to hear that from the Word of God but they also need to hear that from us married adults.

They need to know that marriage is not a relationship of bondage but of joy and fulfillment. They need to hear that from us. They need to see that in us. They need to know that Tiger Woods messed up, not because he married and set himself up for temptation but because he violated a sacred promise that God holds every married person accountable for because it is a gift from Him.