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What you have been waiting for – the last two chapters of Revelation (21-22) November 2, 2007

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      Questions from Revelation 21 and 22

What is the prophetic significance of the new heaven and the new earth (compare 2:1-6 with Isaiah 65:17-19 and 2 Peter 3:13)?

What is the implication in verse 1 of “no more sea” (compare with Revelation 20:13)?

Why is the New Jerusalem described as “a bride adorned for her husband” and as “the tabernacle of God” (20:2-3; see also verses 9-11 and verses 18-21)? How does this help us to understand the later descriptions of the New Jerusalem? What is the emphasis of the description?

What do verses 7-8 tell us about believers and unbelievers (compare with verses 24-27)?

What do verses 12-17 tell us is united in the New Jerusalem? Based on what we have read so far, it the New Jerusalem symbolic, literal, or possibly both?

What do we learn about the temple in the book of Revelation (compare verses 22-23 with 11:1-2, 19)? See also 22:1-5!

What are the final applications of 22:6-21?

(Update) This lesson covers the description of the Holy City. Here is a link to the Ideal City. Enjoy!