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Excerpt from Steve and Becky Diems prayer letter August 21, 2007

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Dear Faithful Prayer Partners,

…William Carey, the father of modern missions, was explaining to John Newton the situation regarding his entrance into India without a special permit. John Newton repleid, “Then conclude that your God has nothing there for you to accomplish. But if He has, no power on earth can hinder you!” William Carey went through such trials in his life: many took place prior to hsi even leaving England. This excerpt came weii-timed in our deputation efforts. This once again forced me to put my plans on the altar and submit my life to God’s sovereignty….


  • A new van!
  • A new evangelistic Bible study started!
  • We are currently at 50% of our required motnhly support.
  • Good health.

Prayer requests:

  • That the Lord would raise up the support we need in New England.
  • Safety while traveling
  • Our walk with the Lord to be abiding and growing.
  • The sale of our home.
  • Boldness to share Christ.

General information about the Diems and Resistencia, Argentina

There blog with contact information is included at the above link. You may also reach their blog through the blogroll at Carpe Diem.

Why not use the comment section to write a prayer to the Lord for the Diems and the people in Resistencia, Argentina in need of the gospel?

A Prayer Reminder of the Work to be Done in Resistencia, Argentina July 20, 2007

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Below is the blog of a young missionary couple preparing to go to Resistencia, Argentina. After reading the text, please write out a prayer for the Diems and for the work in Resistencia, Argentina.


Here is a link with general information about Resistencia itself.

Learn about Resistencia Argentina Steve and Becky Diem with Biblical Ministries Worldwide plan to begin language school during the first half of 2008. They will then assist a veteran couple in the church planting work in this city of over a quarter million people with a metropolitan area of over 350,000 people. The church is growing steadily. A facility has been acquired, renovated, and expanded to include a home, a guest house, and a large former warehouse that houses meeting and recreational space. A focus of this ministry has been to reach Argentine men. English classes are also used to make many contacts, as well as personal home Bible studies focusing on the Gospel of John. One of these currently being conducted has the potential of constituting the nucleus of a new church. Services and Bible studies have been conducted in a nearby fishing village with the intention of training an Argentine believer to establish and pastor a church there.


This work is part of a larger plan that includes Corrientes, which is across the river from Resistencia. In this city in a province of the same name, the flagship church was recently nationalized. Though it continues to struggle with the transition into autonomy, the congregation is seeking to establish several new churches in the city in the years ahead. Another small fellowship in the newer suburb of Laguna Seca serves as a training ground for emerging leaders from the main church. They currently have a single worker in Corrientes who is working with national believers and heavily involved in discipleship and leadership training. (Info from http://www.biblicalministries.org/countries/argentina.html)


General religious situation:  Resistencia is known as being one of the most evangelical provinces in Argentina but it is not certain if they are truly trusting the gospel of Christ because the methods used to see a truly phenomenal religious movement. These methods include playing down the “unpleasantries” of the gospel like eternal damnation and preaching what essentially is a “Prosperity”/”Name It Claim It” Gospel. This may have been easy in some groups because of the syncretism of various forms of Christianity with witchcraft and shamanism. In some ways, this may make the spreading of the true gospel more difficult in some cases because this has led in some cases (according to a Harvard researcher’s thesis that was available but no longer is at www.cid.harvard.edu/cidstudents/includefiles/thesis%202003/ThesisChapt2-2003.doc –, see especially pages 7 and 22) to a group of people who are nominally evangelical but who are not actually practicing their faith. The area is still overwhelmingly Roman Catholic in spite of the evangelical revival of the 90’s.


Don’t forget to post your prayer for them and this area of spiritual need in the comments section.