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Thankfulness in Nigeria (from the Bob Devoe family) August 29, 2007

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Excerpts from a prayer letter that arrived this week. 

…”Titus Joshua is giving thanks. Like many Nigerians, he probably lives in a home without running water or electricity, appliances or electronics, heat or air conditioning. He shares a room with several siblings or other relatives. His school teachers have been on strike for several months. He does not have access to what we would call basic health care. A soda pop is a rare, special treat. Yet, he is thankful! As part of a Word of Life Club activity, he has gathered his family to lead a night of thanksgiving (one of the many Christian service activities we encourage as part of Word of Life Bible Clubs). He knows what Jesus Christ has done for him, and that his life has a purpose and meaning in God’s plan. He has Bible Club leaders who care for him and disciple him in Biblical truths and making good life decisions. He is “giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Ephesians 5:20). He really does have a lot to be thankful for. And so do we!

We are thankful that the Bible Club ministry is growing as fast as we can keep up with it.

We are thankful for the rainy season…it provides time for catching up on…printing, planning and meetings.

We are thankful that God not only protected us through some recent trials, but gave us courage…

We are thankful for what God is doing through the “Born Again to a Living Hope” ministry. Our team of Nigerian young people travels to schools, churches and other youth organizations to present a high-impact musical drama… From March to June… 3,361 salvation decision.

We are thankful for our recent Staff Retreat.

We are so very thankful that God opened the door for Ryan and Sarah to attend Hillcrest School starting in August, by providing an opportunity for Meredith to teach Kindergarten.

We thank God for what He is doing, and we thank God for each of you!

Bob and Meredith

Nigeria, where Christianity is outgrowing Islam (a good thing?) July 18, 2007

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Christianity in Africa


Should we be offended by the Pope’s honesty?

Al Mohler is neither offended nor surprised at the statement approve by Pope Benedict XVI that the Roman Catholic Church is the only institutional form in which the Church of Christ subsists. On the contrary, Mohler appreciates the Pope’s candor and sees this as an opportunity to discuss one of the defining issues of our division with respectful candor and clarity. (Thanks to Justin Taylor).

 Are we a friendly church?


A Convicting Quote on Character