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NT Survey: Background to Mark and the Reading Plan and Questions for Luke – Part I January 28, 2008

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Date – between 50 and 70 AD; Author – Mark

The early church fathers of the second century held that it was written by Mark on the basis of what he had learned from Peter. Papias, bishop of Hieropolis (A.D. 140), based this on the testimony of the Apostle John.

The internal evidence supports that this gospel was written to Roman believers.

Mark’s focus is on the deeds of Jesus more than his teaching. This is the biggest contrast between Mark and the other gospels. Why are the deeds of Jesus Christ of such importance?

While Matthew cites Jewish custom without explaining it, Mark carefully explains the Jewish customs.

He emphasizes the humanity, the service, and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Mark emphasizes the power of Jesus Christ in His works.



What are your impressions of the individual gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke? How easy was it for you to see the differences? Give a specific occasion where you have asked yourself, “I wonder why _______ put that in his gospel?” What was your answer to your own question?

Reading Plan for the Survey

January 27, Luke 1, What is the stated design of Luke’s gospel?

January 28, Luke 2-3, What does Luke tell us of the first thirty years of Jesus’ life? 

January 29, Luke 4-5, Do you think Luke 5:1-9 is the same event as the one in Mark 1:16-20? Why or why not?

January 30, Luke 6-7, How does the context of Luke affect the understanding of the teachings in Luke 6, many of which are also found in the Sermon on the Mount? 

January 31, Luke 8-9, What is the contrast in these two verses between Jesus and His disciples?

February 1, Luke 10-11, From whom do you think Luke good have gotten the material for these two chapters?

February 2, Luke 12-14, What does the context of Luke tell you about the meaning of blaspheming of the Holy Spirit?

February 3, Luke 15-17, What is the purpose with Luke’s gospel of the narrative of the Rich Man and Lazarus at the end of chapter 16?



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