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New Testament Survey Reading Plan with Questions – Matthew – Week 2 January 15, 2008

Posted by roberttalley in Jesus, Matthew, New Testament, Religion.

Reading Plan for a Survey


January 14, Matthew 16-17, How does Matthew 16:13-20 fit into the purpose of Matthew’s book? What is the cost in verses 24-26 for believing Matthew’s message?

January 15, Matthew 18-19, What importance is the question of divorce in Matthew 19 to Matthew’s purpose (hint: Matthew 5:17-48 is helpful to answering this question)?

January 16, Matthew 20-21, In context, what is the point of the parables in these two chapters?

January 17, Matthew 22-23, Why does Matthew give great emphasis to the scribes and Pharisees in his book?

January 18, Matthew 24-25, Based on what we know of Matthew’s purpose, how would his readers have reacted to the Olivet discourse?

January 19, Matthew 26, According to this chapter, why was Jesus crucified?

January 20, Matthew 27-28, Why did Matthew tell about attempt of the rulers to hide the facts of Jesus’ resurrection?



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