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Answers to Revelation 14 and an introductory thought on 15 October 2, 2007

Posted by roberttalley in Hell, Jesus, Judgment, Religion, Revelation of Jesus Christ.

What additional information do we have about the 144,000 in 14:1-5 which we did not learn in chapter 7?

Their purity and holiness before God is described. They are sexually pure (virgins) and speak only the truth.

What is the general message to be taken from the three messenger angels (14:6-11)?

The gospel is available to the world but most of the world as a whole and as individuals will reject the gospel.

What is the relationship of these judgment proclamations to the martyred saints (14:12-13)?

It provides patience for them because they see that the troubles they are going through are nothing compared to the eternal punishment that is the fate of the lost world.

Who is given authority to mete justice out on the world and how fully will He accomplish His task (14:14-20)?

Jesus Christ. It will be a bloody and complete judgment. This judgment is also the theme of chapters 15 and 16.



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