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Revelation 13 answers “The Beast is…” You didn’t think I really knew, did you? September 25, 2007

Posted by roberttalley in Antichrist, Persecution, Perserverance, Religion, Revelation of Jesus Christ.

 Again, I was overly ambitious and only managed one chapter. Chapter 14 next week.

We first met the beast in Revelation 11:7. When you compare 13:1 with 12:3, what is immediately recognizable about this beast? According to 13:3, who is the “power behind the throne” during the reign of the beast?

The beast is from Satan.

What do we recognize about this beast when we compare 13:1-2 with Daniel 7?

He is part of the same political world system as the empires of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. In fact, the Beast’s empire is the final manifestation of the present world political system.

What does 13:3 and 13:14 tell us about the history of the beast when he comes to power?

He will recover from some deadly blow. Some believe this blow to be political, others that it would be a literal physical injury. Later verses do seem to indicate that either way it will be a violent blow (with the sword).

What will be the result of this event on the people of the world (13:3-4, 8)?

They will worship the beast and through him, worship Satan, many no doubt unknowingly.

How long will God tolerate this “new world order” (13:5)? What will God allow Him to do (13:5-7)?

God will tolerate this for 42 months. He will allow persecution of the saints and miracles to deceive the rest of the world during that time period. 

What is the warning that Christ makes in verses 9-10?

The beast and those who follow him will be judged in the same way as they persecuted the believers.

What is the purpose of the second beast (verses 11-18)? Is he equal in authority to the first beast?

He has great authority but serves to turn men to the first beast rather than to Himself.

Should we be fearful of the number 666? Why or why not?

No. The beast has yet to be revealed and therefore this number does not yet have any current significance.



1. Rick - November 24, 2007

Seven King – are seven King of the Beast.
The Dragon – Rome gives its power to the Beast.
Rome only gave power to the Roman Catholic Church and it became “The Holy Roman Empire.
This Papal Power ascended up from the bottomless pit of time as the Popes ascend into power.
Revelation 13 also tells of the English Reformation and the inquisitions that led people captive by the sword.
no one might buy or sell that keep the original Sabbath Day except those who would change it “the Roman Catholic Church” from the original Day Saturday to Sunday 321AD.
The image is also known to the Roman Catholic Church as “the Pretended Church” we know it as the “Church of England”.
666 is the number of a Man which explains this time of events in Revelation 13.
If you don’t know what time it is this number help you to understand.
The wisdom is not found in the world of education and theology but rather from the Bible itself.
Numbers chapter 1 helps with understanding the language of this passage also Acts chapter 1.
Time and place can be measured by the reign of a ruler/king.
Let’s Define 666:
The law makers over England at the time of the English Reformation.
House of Commons = 659
King = 1
His wives = 6
Henry VIII
Builds the image “The Church of England”
A renown prince of his fathers house.
The number of his name is the number of his group – Acts 1:15 which is a total of including himself 666
Also Seven King are:
The Seven Papal names since the Deadly Wound was struck to the head of the Roman Catholic Church by Napoleon in 1798.
John Paul = Short space
the Eight king is of the seven names but after John Paul.
The wound was healed Feb. 11, 1929 Lateran Pact Treaties
The word Armageddon means “Community of Egidio”
I hope these thing help.
My Sites – http://www.RevelationMan.Blogspot.com

2. roberttalley - November 24, 2007

Thanks for you comment, Rick!

Obviously, we disagree on some interpretive areas.

You write, “The Dragon – Rome gives its power to the Beast.”

Revelation already identifies the dragon as Satan. To identify the dragon as Rome is to take a clear symbol that is explained in the book of Revelation and give it a hidden meaning. There is no reason given in the book of Revelation to identify the Dragon as Rome. In other words, to do so is to take something that is clear in Scripture out of context and to make it mean something that it could never have meant to the original readers who were well familiar with both Satan and Rome. Thus the whole premise to your logical argument begins flawed.

To read history into the book of Revelation is dangerous because the temptation is to read your own theological interpretations into the book. In my opinion, this is likely what you have done.

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