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Follow-up on sign seeking September 11, 2007

Posted by roberttalley in Bible, Faith, Religion, Signs and Wonders, Will of God.

Yesterday received this comment,

“Whilst waiting for an answer to prayer, is asking God for a sign as encouragement) in the meantime, a form of unbelief? Will God give the sign or He will regard it as not trusting Him?”

I gave a short answer yesterday in the comments here.

Question:  Is it unbelief to ask for a sign while waiting for an answer to prayer?

Answer:  It certainly could be. When we pray in God’s will, we assume that He will do what is best but there are a number of situations that can drive one to doubt God on some level and ask for a sign.

  1. Impatience.
  2. Desperation for an answer.
  3. Lack of confidence in His Word.
  4. Lack of faith that He will answer our prayer exactly as it should be answered.

Certainly we are not commanded as Ahaz was to seek a sign. Ahaz, by the way, refused to seek the sign and he was known for not having faith. So the fact that someone seeks or refuses to seek a sign tells us little about their spiritual condition.

Most often God gave signs without them being sought for. Many signs were not believed anyway. What is the attitude that causes you to seek a sign? If God refused to give you the sign, would you walk away from Him? Many do.

This brings us to the second question. Will God give the sign or will He refuse in regard to our unbelief? I don’t think I should presume to speak for God. It is possible that He sometimes gives signs. He can do what He wants but He has already given us His Word and proclaimed it sufficient. If He gives a sign, it would not be because we need it but because He had a reason to give one. But if I have the Word of God, why would I desire a sign? In other words, we do not need signs but rather God’s Word and God’s church both of which were given to us for encouragement and guidance.



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