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Holiday Sermons from Hebrews 1:1-2:4 (from Christmas to Easter) August 31, 2007

Posted by roberttalley in Ascension, Christmas, Crucifixion, Easter, Good Friday, Hebrews, Humor, Messiah, Palm Sunday, Religion.

Compared to last week there were just too many good sermons on the few sites that I gather from to include them all. Don’t forget to read the humorous quote at the bottom of this post justifying the ignoring of the chapter divisions. It’s good!

Christmas from Ray Pritchard

Palm Sunday from John Piper

Maundy Thursday (could also be used for Good Friday) from John Piper

Easter Sunday (could also be used for Ascension Thursday) from John Piper

Okay, not a holiday sermon but very powerful covering 2:1-4 from John MacArthur

A different approach covering the same verses as I will be on Sunday. This one is from Ray Stedman.¬†Great quote from this one: “We shall ignore chapter divisions as we go through this book for, on the best tradition, those were put in by a drunken man riding on horseback.” Not very spiritual but I like it.



1. Steve - August 31, 2007

Hi Robert. Does this post mean that you are preaching through the book of Hebrews? I’m beginning the book myself, and trying to collaborate with other blogging preacher/teachers on the subject.

2. roberttalley - August 31, 2007

Hello Steve. No, this Sunday is actually the end of a two month series on the Word of God. I would like to do a series through Hebrews but have yet to do so. During this past year I went through the book verses by verse one on one with one of my men up through Hebrews 11 something. It’s a great book. I do plan on publishing a rant this evening based on some verses in Hebrews but other than that and the sermon this Sunday, I have no immediate plans.

Thanks for writing. I’ll still be interested in seeing what you publish on your blog about Hebrews.

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