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Speeding through Revelation (chapters 10-11) August 30, 2007

Posted by roberttalley in Day of the Lord, Judgment, Religion, Revelation of Jesus Christ, Seven Trumpets of Revelation.

Answers in four or five days: (Update:  Here are the answers for chapter 10; Update again:  Here are the answers for chapter 11.)

Although this angel is like (10:1, “another“ of the same kind) the seven trumpet angels, he is different in a significant way. What indicates that this angel is Christ (compare with 11:3 and remember that the world angel means messenger)? See also Daniel 10:6 and the description of Christ in Revelation 1.

The eating of the little book refers back to Ezekiel 2:9-10. What type of message is likely in the scroll considering both Ezekiel and the context of Revelation?

What concept is in the sealing of the things which the seven thunders spoke (by the way, these things were not written down)? See also Daniel 8:26 and 12. What two things are assured symbolically and literally by sealing?

What seems to be the purpose of chapter 10 according to verses 5-7?

What, in the context of what we know already about the message of the Revelation, is the likely meaning of the book being bitter in John‘s stomach but sweet in his mouth?

When have we earlier seen many tribes, peoples, etc. in this book (We see them again in 11:9)?

What new wrinkle is added in this chapter to the separation of God’s people from the people of the world (11:1-2)?

The two witnesses are spoken of in Zechariah 4. What is their task, the length of their task, the reaction to their task, and the aftermath of their death?

Does giving glory to God necessarily mean that these people have all turned to Christ in salvation?

What is proclaimed with the sounding of the seventh trumpet (verses 15-18; see also 10:7)?

What is important about the appearance of the temple in heaven in verse 19?



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