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Nigeria, where Christianity is outgrowing Islam (a good thing?) July 18, 2007

Posted by roberttalley in Character, False Doctrine, False Teachers, Nigeria, Prosperity Gospel, Quotes, Roman Catholicism.

Christianity in Africa


Should we be offended by the Pope’s honesty?

Al Mohler is neither offended nor surprised at the statement approve by Pope Benedict XVI that the Roman Catholic Church is the only institutional form in which the Church of Christ subsists. On the contrary, Mohler appreciates the Pope’s candor and sees this as an opportunity to discuss one of the defining issues of our division with respectful candor and clarity. (Thanks to Justin Taylor).

 Are we a friendly church?


A Convicting Quote on Character




1. Ron - July 22, 2007

So you’re from Alabama? How in the world did you get to Vermont? Good to know there are good ole Bama Boys spreading the Gospel in other parts of our country!



2. roberttalley - July 29, 2007

Sorry it took so long to moderate your comment. I just got back from vacation. My wife is from New Hampshire. I met her in Chattanooga. From there we were in Munich, near Innsbruck, in East Berlin, southern New Hampshire, and the Cleveland area (Go Cavs!) before landing here.

Thanks for your post above on being a friendly church. I enjoy your blog when I find time to read it. I hope a number of others have found it helpful.

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