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Revelation chapters 7-8 (Questions, now with answers). July 13, 2007

Posted by roberttalley in Day of the Lord, Eschatology, Judgment, Persecution, Praise, Prayer, Revelation of Jesus Christ, Suffering, Throne of God.

Revelation 7-8

  1. What theme carries over into 7:1-3 from chapter 6? The events and situations in these two chapters are global in effect and not limited to the Middle East.

  2. What arguments are there in the text for the 144,000 being Jews (verses 4-8)? Other than the fact that it says they are Jews is the fact that they are from twelve specific and named tribes of Israel, Dan is replaced by one of the tribes of Joseph.

  3. To what event in the gospels does the worship around the throne allude (verses 9-12)? Palm Sunday

  4. We have seen earlier that white robes indicate a saved person. What else is indicated in this passage by white robes (verses 13-14)? Those in white robes have been persecuted for their faith.

  5. What in the future do verses 15-17 refer? The believer’s eternal state with God. Although it is speaking specifically about those who came through great tribulation, the implications are there for all believers.

  6. Compare 8:1-6 with 5:8 and 6:9-11. What does this tell us about the seven trumpet judgments? The trumpet judgments are in answer to the prayers of the saints for God to avenge them on the evil world which persecuted them.

  7. The first four seals had the common thread of the horsemen. What is the common thread in the first four trumpets (8:7-12)? One-third of various things are affected.  These angels’ trumpets correspond to the task given to the four angels in 7:1-3.



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