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Revelation 5 (Q and A) The Seven Sealed Book July 5, 2007

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Revelation 5

1. What is the significance of the right hand in verse 1?

The right hand is a place of authority and honor. The scroll appears to be something of great importance that has the authority of God behind it.

2. What do we know about this scroll and the seven seals according to chapter 5:2-9 (not chapter 6)?

  • It is intended to be opened and read, i.e., made known.
  • Not just anyone is worthy to open it and reveal what is in it.
  • Only one was found who was worthy, Jesus Christ.
  • He is worthy because He is victorious (verse 5).
  • This victory was won through His redemptive sacrifice (verse 9).

3. What about Christ is emphasized in verse 5? What about Christ is emphasized in verse 6? What are the differences in the two emphasis (compare also with verse 9b)?

Verse 5 emphasizes His connection to Israel, especially that He is the Messiah prophesied by the Old Testament Scriptures. Verse 6 emphasizes the truth of Christ as the sacrificial Lamb of God which is primarily made known in the New Testament. His revealing as the Lamb brings His Messiahship to believers from every ethnic group and not just to the nation of Israel.

4. What is represented by the harp and golden bowls (verses 8-10)?

Worship in the form of song and prayer.

5. What is the basis for the praise of the Lamb and the one on the throne who lives forever (verses 11-14)?

The Lamb was slain and the rule of the one on the throne is forever. 



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