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Questions Concerning the Church at Philadelphia June 13, 2007

Posted by roberttalley in Revelation of Jesus Christ, Seven Churches of Revelation.

The questions (updated with answers) concerning Sardis are already posted. See under category: Seven Church of Revelation or Revelation of Jesus Christ.



  1. Compare verse 1 with 6:10. What is the significance of the title of Christ as the holy and true one? How does this fit in with the quote from Isaiah 22:22 which indicates Christ’s sovereignty and power? The Lord is the avenger for his believers who are persecuted. He controls the situation in which the believers as well as their enemies find themselves.

  2. What is the negative and two positive characteristics of this church? Negatively – they did not have a lot of ability and power. Positively – they were faithful to Christ in spite of this fact in that they kept Christ’s word and did not deny His name.

  3. Contrast the church at Sardis in verse 3 with the church at Philadelphia in verses 8 & 10? The church in Sardis was commanded to be watchful and to repent. The church at Philadelphia was commended because they were watchful.

  4. How is the concept in verse 9 similar to that of 2:26?  In both cases the believers will be exalted over those who reject Jesus Christ.

  5. Has there yet been a time when the whole world was tested (Compare with Revelation 3:10)? Who is kept (guarded) from this time of testing? Not yet but the believers in Philadelphia will be guarded from that time.

  6. What are the two blessings in verses 11-12?  A victory crown and the eternal presence of God.


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