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The Church at Thyratira (Q&A) June 11, 2007

Posted by roberttalley in False Doctrine, False Teachers, Judgment, Revelation of Jesus Christ, Seven Churches of Revelation.




  1. What is the emphasis in verse 18 made by the eyes like a flame of fire and feet like fine brass? There seems to be a two-fold emphasis. 1) As verse 23 points out, Christ searches the minds and the hearts. 2) There is an emphasis on judgment being the result of this searching. See 1:15 as well as Ezekiel 40:3. This picture of brass being a part of God’s/Christ’s glory is also found in Ezekiel 1:7 and Daniel 10:6.

  2. Compare the situation in Thyratira with what we know of Pergamos? In Pergamos, the false doctrine was held within the church. In Thyratira it was openly taught as the truth. Like in the previous three churches, there was some measure of persecution but probably not on the level of that in Pergamos and Smyrna.

  3. Was this church as a whole apostate? Did they have some positive spiritual qualities (compare verse 19 with verses 24-25)? What picture does this give us of the church at Thyratira? Not everyone in the church had departed from the truth but the leadership had and many had followed the leadership.

  4. How does this rebuke contrast with that of Pergamos or even Ephesus (Compare verses 21-23 with verses 5 and 16)? They have already been warned and only a last ditch repentance will save them from the judgment of God. As in Pergamos only a part of the church is involved in this false doctrine/living. In Thyratira it seems like the problem has reached the higher levels of leadership and in Pergamos that may not have been the problem.

  5. Contrast the reaction of the Ephesians to false apostles and that of Thyratira to this false prophetess? In Ephesus they were tested. In Thyratira she was given permission to teach her false doctrine.

  6. Compare the situation of this church and the kingdom of Israel in the time of Jezebel? How does this shed light on what was going on in the church at Thyatira (verses 20-23)? This seems to indicate a total apostasy with perhaps only a seemingly weak minority holding fast to the truth. The coming judgment is also comparable to the picture portrayed by Jezebel’s history.

  7. What significance does the phrase hold fast have for true believers (see 2:13-15 and 3:11)? If someone does not hold fast to the faith, what does that indicate? They perhaps were not saved to begin with.

  8. What is the blessing to be received by those who overcome according to verses 26-27 (compare with 12:5 and 19:15)? How about that in verse 28 (compare with 22:16)? They will with Christ sit in judgment on His opponents (see also 1 Corinthians 6:2-3). The morning star is Christ Himself.





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