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Questions concerning Sardis (updated with answers) June 6, 2007

Posted by roberttalley in Faith, Revelation of Jesus Christ, Seven Churches of Revelation.

  1. What is the emphasis in verse 1 made by the seven Spirits and the seven stars (the angels/messengers) of the churches? There is a message to be heard and it is imprtant for this church to hear it.

  2. What was wrong with this church? Their repurtation did not match the reality of their lives. We do not know if they had doctrinal problems or if they were just nominal in their Christianity. It is interesting that they are the first of the five churches who are not in some way connected with hardship (as indicated by words like “patience”).

  3. Was this church as a whole apostate (verses 2-5)? What picture does this give us of the church at Sardis? Most of the church was probably not saved. They named the name of Christ but He was not the reality of their faith and lives.

  4. How does this rebuke contrast with those of Ephesus, Pergamos, and Thyratira?  Like Ephesus they were commanded to remember:  in Ephesus – their first love, in Sardis – the first message, the message of the gospel. In both cases they are to repent. He also emphasizes the speed with which judgment comes even more so than in Ephesus and Pergamos.

  5. What is the significance of being watchful and the connection with the unsoiled garments (Compare with Revelation 7:14; 16:15; and 19:8)?  It seems that the mostly unsaved church was being called to repentance that was evidenced by the lives of the few believers within that church.


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