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Questions concerning the Church at Pergamos (with answers in italics) June 4, 2007

Posted by roberttalley in False Doctrine, Judgment, Revelation of Jesus Christ, Seven Churches of Revelation.

My apologies to those who looked for and could not find the questions. They were posted but I managed to make them difficult to find. I plan to post the questions for Thyratira and Sardis later this week. I’ll make it two separate posts so they will be more easily found. 



What is the emphasis in verse 12 made by the sharp two-edged sword? Words of rebuke and possible judgment. See 1:16 and 19:15-21.

Compare the situation in Pergamos with what we know of Smyrna and Ephesus? Intense persecution was also a reality. Some of what they had gone to Smyrna would soon go through. They were also facing some of the same false doctrine being faced in Ephesus.

How does this rebuke contrast with that of the Ephesians (Compare verse 1 with verse 12, verse 6 with verse 15, and verse 5 with verse 16)? The rebuke to Ephesus was for the whole church but the rebuke in Pergamos centered on those holding fast to a false doctrine.

What are the results of the two false doctrines held in Pergamos (see also verse 6)? False doctrine produces false living.

Compare the situation of this church and the children of Israel in the land of Moab (where Balak was ruler)? How does this shed light on what was going on in the church at Pergamos? It seems that some were living lives of license as a result of the false doctrine. Rather than teaching them to lure others into sin, John seems to be identifying the results of the teaching of Balaam with the results of the false teaching in Pergamos.

What significance does the hidden manna have for the believers in Pergamos (see John 4:32 and 6, the discourse on the bread of life)? What is the common element of the hidden manna and the white stone? The bread of life is a spiritual bread. It is something that the world cannot comprehend. In the same way the white stone indicates that the world does not recognize who the true believers of God are.



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