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Memorized Scriptures that did not accomplish what I had hoped May 26, 2007

Posted by roberttalley in Scripture Memorization, Spiritual Disciplines, Spiritual Warfare.

Last week I posted eight memorized Scripture passages that have made an impact on my life. This list is of those that did not (obviously they were not harmful to me 🙂

A. Acts 13:6-12  It was a narrative that at the time must of had some importance to me but I have no idea now what it was.

B. Philippians 4:4-9 This is a wonderful passage of Scripture but this passage was memorized to help me through some personal issues. The apparent effect was negligible. That does not mean that God’s Word returned void but rather that it did not have the effect I was going for.

C. Psalm 23 and the Lord’s Prayer. Great passages of Scripture but those are not the passages I turn to when in trouble or think about when I am praying. The Golden Rule on the other hand is a different matter.

D. Genesis 1:1-31 That was a tough passage to memorize. I did not retain most of it long.

E. Psalms 117 and 126 Most important was that these Psalms we grew up saying together as a family. Perhaps in that way they did impact me a lot but what I am referring to is the content of the memorized passage impacting my life.

By the way, add Romans 4:1-5. That passage has really impacted the development of my theology. In fact, every passage I’ve ever memorized in Romans has impacted my theology 🙂


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